Assignment nunc pro tunc

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assignment nunc pro tunc

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  • MRGCD's Motion to drop the appeal was denied by the Appeals Court. Together with any other affidavits required under New York law, the following affidavits shall be required as part of a default judgment application arising from a consumer credit transaction where such application is made to the clerk under CPLR 3215 a. The Traffic Division of the Municipal Court adjudicates violations of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code arising in the City of Philadelphia. E Traffic Division of.
  • Commonwealth of Virginia 12222015No error in trial courts finding that evidence was sufficient to prove appellant had notice of his trial date and willfully failed to appearStephone Amos Foreman v. The official home page of the New York State Unified Court System. Hear more than three million cases a year involving almost every type of endeavor. Hear.
  • Commonwealth of Virginia 11122014Appellants conviction of violating a protective order affirmed where trial court did not err in admitting preliminary protective order into evidence or in finding appellant had proper personal service and notice of terms of order; issue regarding courts response to jury question barred by Rule 5A:18Octavila Garcia v. Motion for Nunc Pro Tunc Summary Appeal Form (coming soon) Petition for Leave to Proceed In Forma Pauperis (IFP)
  • Paty Denise Leonard Harris 05052015Summary affirmance no error in trial courts holding that it did not have authority to modify or terminate appellants spousal support obligation to appellee where the language in the final decree, including agreement of the parties, does not state that the spousal support obligation can be modifiedBruce Antoine Howard v. RECORD ON APPEAL FROM LOWER COURT. Cleveland County Clerk. Rman, Oklahoma. Arch By Name; Search By Subdivision; Search By STR. Me Info(a) Plaintiffs Counsel to File Designation Sheet. The time of filing a case, plaintiff's counsel, or if the case is filed pro se, the plaintiff shall file with.
  • Commonwealth of Virginia 08022016Trial court did not err in refusing to strike potential juror for cause where record supports trial courts finding that juror would follow trial courts instructions based on her responses to trial courts and attorneys questionsAdrienne Pederson v. Display one (1) party name per instrument(s) found. Splay all matching names for the instruments(s) found. Splay all party information per instrument(s) found.
  • Commonwealth of Virginia 11082016No reversible error in trial courts denial of appellants motion to present demonstrative evidence; evidence was sufficient to find appellant was the criminal agent, had the specific intent to kill, the abduction was not intrinsic to the robbery, and abducted one of the victims with the intent to extort money or pecuniary benefitAdrian Saunders v. Turner has represented a client in a hearing before the OKWRB with a favorable outcome. If you need legal assistance, you may wish to contact the following organizations: Community Legal Services of Philadelphia; Defender Association of PhiladelphiaClerk Recorder Grantor Grantee Index: DISCLAIMER This search site is provided as a service.

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assignment nunc pro tunc

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